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  1. Found some diamonds in John and Dan’s podcasts…first humor…pleasant surprise, humility-not surprised and interesting take aways that can be applied to any part of your life–career, relationships.

    I love the lesson, ” I’m not my nervous system..we’re something beyond the physical and how to improve the function of our nervous system. Reflecting on what we do wrong ‘technically’ and how can I improve my performance–that merciless state we find ourselves in seeking perfection in performance. This was interesting to read. Can change the story, can change our reaction, can practice this….very cool

    I had to write down in my notes “small actions repeated over time transform us”

    Thanks for mentioning the books and the sources-love this-love what you said about finding the one thing in the book (my words, not yours) and not needing to read every bit/every detail. Takes the pressure off-can just glance and find what we need…permission to not need to finish it all so don’t miss something

    THX JC and Dan. I’m a new fan!

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